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About Literature / Hobbyist Ki Nicholas EmanuelMale/United States Group :iconplanetdeathy: PlanetDeathy
Fighting the war for supremacy.
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Am I Alone Chapter 2
                                             Am I Alone
                                             Chapter 2
 Lawrence approached the stairwell looking down at it, scowling, he could hear movement down in the floor below, he hoped it'd be just more of the same, the lizard like creatures he'd fought ever since he'd left the room he awoke in not so long ago.
Questions crowded his thoughts again, who had been writing those taunts in blood on the wall, who or what, could there be more, or was there to these creatures, were what he faced just ankle biters? Impossible, those were to big to be of that class... weren't they? He shook the thoughts off and began his slow decent down the steps, the small stairwell was caked in dry blood and smelled of rotting meat, but that was not the only smell that lingered, it also smelled of saturated wood, as if a flood had been through there, the wood must be rotten too from all the blood.
Lawrence continued down the stairs his thoughts distracting him f
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Misery High Homework Assignment #2
kira:*has nose buried in a book sitting at a table barely eatting *
10:05:21 PM Richard: *Coming into the cafeteria with his head phones in, enjoying some Hammerfall, excellent choice Richard o3o* *ohey new student, probably gonna talk to her after he gets his lunch cause he is hungry as a hundred mules that have been run through the sun all day o3o*
10:06:34 PM kira:*still reading but pushing some of her snow white hair behind her ear then closes book after finishing it and starts to eat *
10:11:11 PM Richard: *Goes up and gets his lunch, he's been out in the woods training a bit, so he's pretty damn exhausted but hey Martial Arts is a good work out*
10:12:27 PM kira:*keeps eating by only taking a few bites and gathers her things and dumping her tray and walks toward the doors *
10:13:37 PM Richard: *Decides hey why not and goes over towards her* Hey you new here? ^^
10:14:10 PM kira:*stops and looks at him*yea im kira morovoz *smiles abit *
10:17:23 PM Richard: Richard Ames, p
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The Doctor Will See you Now by ChipmunkLegion The Doctor Will See you Now :iconchipmunklegion:ChipmunkLegion 2 30
Am I Alone? Chapter 1
                                            Am I Alone?
                                             Chapter 1
Lawrence Archenburg would've been in a brighter mood on any other day, but today was different. He wouldn't be waking up in his comfortable bed, he wouldn't be waking up in his own home. He woke up on a dark, damp, putrid smelling wooden floor. He sat up and looked around, he could see nothing, if he had tried putting his own hand up in front of his face he'd still see nothing.
"Where am I...?" He mumbled in a slightly irritated and confuse
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The Mercenary (Second picture) by ChipmunkLegion The Mercenary (Second picture) :iconchipmunklegion:ChipmunkLegion 2 1 The Mercenary by ChipmunkLegion The Mercenary :iconchipmunklegion:ChipmunkLegion 2 2 Vampiric Force Glyph by ChipmunkLegion Vampiric Force Glyph :iconchipmunklegion:ChipmunkLegion 4 1
Survivors of the Damned CH 8
                         After hiding out for a couple days in the home of the old pizzeria's upstairs apartment building of the former owner, things began to grow uncomfortable for the survivors, they saw the mutations of the undead growing more and more numerous, save the four armed creature that they had witnessed in the alley and had chased them a good distance. Rookie hoped and prayed that there would be nothing like that again. But in his heart he knew better. He knew more then better then to believe that would be the last and only one of that species.
Cassie approached him as he sat by the window looking down at the empty street, covered in blood stains, limbs, and other belongings to the human anatomy from those who tried to escape before their arrival to the pizzeria.
"... So... how much are you betting on our chances now?" Cassie asked him quietly.
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Jane's updated ap by ChipmunkLegion Jane's updated ap :iconchipmunklegion:ChipmunkLegion 2 0 Randy's updated ap by ChipmunkLegion Randy's updated ap :iconchipmunklegion:ChipmunkLegion 1 0 Billy's updated ap by ChipmunkLegion Billy's updated ap :iconchipmunklegion:ChipmunkLegion 2 0 Richard Updated App by ChipmunkLegion Richard Updated App :iconchipmunklegion:ChipmunkLegion 0 1
Halo Reach: Nathan Miller Spartan bio
Yeah thats right run! Run on home'n cry to momma you little alien bastards!
Name: Nathan Miller
Service Tag: S772
Rank: Sergeant
Unit: Echo Squadron
Callsign: Echo five
Height: 6'2
Age: 26
Birthplace: Rochester New York, Earth. /Birthdate: April 9th 2526
Description: Dark brown hair that cuts off at the neckline, green eyes, a medium-large build. Tends to wear a UNSC logo'd light green jacket, with blue jeans and a dark crimson t-shirt.
Armor Configuration:
Helmet: Mark Five [B] Up-armored variant with hardened uplink module.
Shoulder: RECON
Chest: Tactical/Recon armor
Wrist: Tactical Uplink Pad
Utilities: Tactical Hard Case.
Visor: Silver.
Knee Guards: FJ/PARA
Weight: 164 lbs
Specialty: Precision & Assault Weaponry. (Will not use Alien Weaponry.)
Preferred load out: M800 Shotgun & DMR
Armor Equipment: Sprint
Status: Active in the field
personality: Tends to be a hot head at times but rarely, mostly is calm, humorous but collect, can get a little excited and will have the tend
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-Censored- by ChipmunkLegion -Censored- :iconchipmunklegion:ChipmunkLegion 3 1 Avery updated app by ChipmunkLegion Avery updated app :iconchipmunklegion:ChipmunkLegion 0 3
Ryan Artemis Blake
Name: Ryan Artemis Blake
Gender: Male
Sexual Orientation: Straight as a board
Age: 24
Birthday: July 23rd
Occupation: Ex GIW Agent.
Species: Human/Ghost
Powers/Abilities:  invisibility, intangibility, flight, some basic manipulation of the ectoplasmic form(Still spit balling), and ectoblasts
Ethnicity: English (1/2) German (1/4) Swedish (1/4)  
Family: James Dean Blake (father) Helga Marie Blake (Mother) Elliot Blake (Little Brother)
Personality: Kind and caring for those who get close to him, has a strong sense of justice and does not take kindly at all to the harm of innocent lives. He changes when going into combat, he becomes cold and merciless towards his enemies and will not hold back. Tends to become hostile if you call him a freak.
Likes: Protecting friends and others, being useful whenever he can, pissing off the GIW, screwing up GIW activity, being strategic and planning things out.
Dislikes: The GIW, being useless and a third wheel, failing to protect oth
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Summer full of busy
Hey guys, what's up? It's occurred to me I haven't posted a journal in a while.
So I figured I'd update what's been going on in my life.
First things first, starting on the 29th I'll be starting my second to last semester in college. Last semester was crazy with all the work that was thrown upon my shoulders- I started with 8 classes, ended with TEN. This is due to the fact that my school doesn't mention that for certain classes, we have to take an online segment from another college which leads up to us going to that other college for "camp". I went to two in June, first was a two-day camp working with lab animals (rabbits, mice and rats) we essentially had to practice different injection techniques as well as a blood draw. Did I also mention we had to anesthetize one of the two rats we were assigned? Yeah, that was interesting. The second camp I went to was a farm camp, which was a week long and we had practice most of the same techniques (aside from anesthesia) pl
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Carl And Frida Spawns by hermiethefrog Carl And Frida Spawns :iconhermiethefrog:hermiethefrog 4 6 boys and girls of every age by widric-lizardqueen boys and girls of every age :iconwidric-lizardqueen:widric-lizardqueen 3 14 Fantasy Landscape by NightshadeQS Fantasy Landscape :iconnightshadeqs:NightshadeQS 5 2 Shepard Pie by PlutonianParadox Shepard Pie :iconplutonianparadox:PlutonianParadox 6 8 Aster Love by PlutonianParadox Aster Love :iconplutonianparadox:PlutonianParadox 4 0 Because I Got High by hermiethefrog Because I Got High :iconhermiethefrog:hermiethefrog 7 34 KiKiKiKiKiKiKiKiKiKiKiKi by PlutonianParadox KiKiKiKiKiKiKiKiKiKiKiKi :iconplutonianparadox:PlutonianParadox 1 1 GAME ON by cartoongirl7 GAME ON :iconcartoongirl7:cartoongirl7 120,540 13,005 Shade in the Night by Dark-Scattershot Shade in the Night :icondark-scattershot:Dark-Scattershot 1 1 RICC: Wholock's Sing-a-long Blog by Faint-Requiem RICC: Wholock's Sing-a-long Blog :iconfaint-requiem:Faint-Requiem 5 7
The Celestial Being pt. 2
A large robot, well over 200 feet tall, is laying on its back in the unnatural darkness. Small sparks illuminate its body intermittently.
I stand silently in front of a window overlooking the GUNDAM as basketball-sized robots of different colors move over it in repair vehicles to polish it up.
A few of my fellow pilots are arguing heatedly.
"I'm telling you, Bockman! The GUNDAM's are mass-produced!"
"And I'm telling you that these are unique! James, why else would the world around us be acting like, 'What the fuck are those?'"
"Why would we, barely out of our teens, get such unique Mobile Suits?!"
Just as James was finishing his sentence, Ben walked in. "Ladies, ladies, you're both pretty. Now, hush. Miss Daburo is about to come on."
Benjamin Lonneville, our unofficial team leader just because he's the oldest.
The other four pilots walked in and Brandon and Keith set down their HARO's. The little basketball bots are known as HARO's. Pet robots. The helmets go on the bench and we all st
:icondark-scattershot:Dark-Scattershot 3 0
The Celestial Being
Chapter 1

My eyes are closed. I'm sitting in a leather chair, but the arms are... Solid. Metal? I open my eyes and I'm surrounded by robotics. Technology, controls.

I look down, and my casual wear is gone. The orange flight suit of the Kyrios beclothes me. The accompanying helmet with purple-tinted glass sits in my lap. I put the helmet on, and it fits perfectly.

My black-gloved hands wrap around the two handles and the screens surrounding me on three sides spring to life. I'm floating above an ocean, no land in sight.

A radar blips open on my forward screen and starts to signal incoming mobile suits. GN levels pops up on the opposite side of the screen and reads normal. I pull one of the triggers on my controls and a bright purple beam suddenly launches away from the Kyrios. I grin.

I tap a few buttons on the keypad in front of my seat. An information banner scrolls across the bottom of the forward screen, "left beam sword active". I push the left handle down and pull it back and
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OC Bio and Profile Template
Original Character Bio/Profile Template
Hair color:
Eye color:
Birth town:
Previous towns:
Current town:
Birth allegiance:
Previous allegiances:
Current allegiance:
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Whores and Gambling Addicts by Xandra-do Whores and Gambling Addicts :iconxandra-do:Xandra-do 6 24 'New' OC Crystal by atomic-kitten10 'New' OC Crystal :iconatomic-kitten10:atomic-kitten10 16 14



ChipmunkLegion's Profile Picture
Ki Nicholas Emanuel
Artist | Hobbyist | Literature
United States
Age: 22

Occupation: Courtesy Clerk/looking for a from home kind of job

Likes: Discussing the zombie apocalypse, gory games and movies, going to the shooting range, and more..

Personality descrpition: Insane with a touch of twisted.

In a Relationship with my best and closest friend as seen in my picture
Goddamn it has been forever since I have posted a new journal along with a long absence from this site. Figured I'd drop a journal let all you folks know I'm still alive. :U You want more info. You know the drill. Talk to me. :U
  • Listening to: Yo momma's butthole
  • Reading: The wonderful adventures of go fuck yourself
  • Watching: Your momma shit the bed
  • Playing: With myself
  • Eating: Your mom
  • Drinking: Your mom



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